Corporate Responsibility

At IWI our Corporate Responsibility is directly tied to our Commitment to Excellence. We are committed to the environment, first and foremost, and to providing the best service and products for our customers.

In all areas possible, from internal office use to the job site, we use post-consumer product and recycled materials wherever possible. We make sure that all of ours and our vendors’ practices are environmentally compliant. We go as far as making sure that all paper products we purchase are recycled and come from responsible sources baring the FSC symbol.

We recognize that our clients share these same values. That is why IWI has continually strived to balance these goals over the past 40 years with cost effectiveness. As a result, our systems have become an industry leader with excellent credentials.

Mission Statement

IWI is an experienced and innovative company committed to developing the highest quality, efficient, cost effective, and competitively priced systems devoted to meeting or exceeding the most stringent air quality and environmental regulations worldwide. We aim to become a globally recognized brand, capitalizing on human and environmental needs. Our goal is to do right by our clients, do right by our employees, and most importantly do right by the environment.

Vision Statement

We are committed to being part of the solution to humanity’s affect on the environment: protecting the environment while powering our future!