HMI Control Systems

All of the IWI systems and integrated equipment are monitored and automated by IWI’s proprietary Human Machine Interface (HMI) Control System. The system is standard with all of our Waste Combustion and Waste-to-Energy (WTE) systems. The entire process is controlled to factory settings using the IWI proprietary control system logic.

Operation of the equipment is incredibly simple using the touch-screen panel. The operator can view the status of all critical process parameters on the full-color graphical display. The control package constantly monitors feedback from the system instrumentation. The automated process is tightly managed - responding to feedback instantly and making adjustments when required, to maintain optimum efficiency. Should there be a malfunction; the system will alert the operator using a visual and audible alarm or annunciator system.

The control system can automatically record the operational data for easy record-keeping, is SCADA compatible, and can be provided with built-in analytical features and trending capabilities. This HMI system is a vital component of our Commitment to Excellence and provides the highest level of safety available while minimizing energy use, maximizing efficiency and protecting the environment.