Waste Handling Systems

Waste handling, including dumping, storage, and in-feeding is crucial to the efficient performance of the combustion system. A wide range of intermediate handling devices can be supplied by IWI, such as cart dumpers, belt conveyors, skip loaders, live bottom storage hoppers, articulated grapple arm, or overhead crane and grapple.


AUTOMATIC LOADING - The hydraulically operated ram loading system assures maximum efficiency and the utmost in operator safety. Loader controls sense the proper loading temperature and time, then the automatic cycle will begin. The vertical charging door opens and a ram pushes the waste into the primary chamber - the first chamber of the IWI Dual Reactor System. The ram withdraws and the charging door closes automatically.

AUTOMATIC ASH REMOVAL - When large quantities of ash will be generated or a system is to run continuously, automatic ash removal is a logical choice for full system performance. Ash removal requires the movement of ash in the unit, the expulsion of the ash from the unit, and the delivery of the ash to its disposal container.

The standard IWI ash removal system utilizes a wet ash conveyor to collect and convey the ash from the ash drop in the bottom of the primary chamber to the ash disposal container. The water filled conveyor quenches the ash and seals the ash drop chute so air can't leak into the primary chamber. In smaller units, the ram loader moves the burning bed and ash towards the ash drop, but in larger units, an internal ash plow is used to move material. Other Systems for dry ash removal or special handling are available.